Plz Fil This 4 Me

Plz Fil This 4 Me
Plz Fil This 4 Me
Koi Achai:
Koi Burai:
1 Advice:
1 Rquest:
1 Wish:
1 Jhot:
1 Sach:
1 Umeed:
1 Bat Jo Pehle Kbi Na Kahi Ho
B Frank & True.
Plz..Ok Reply Me

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Hands she has but does not hold, teeth she has but does not bite, feet she has but they are cold, eyes she has but without sight. Who is she?

Ans: A Doll
Q.Agar Ap Se wo insan " I LOVE U"Kahe jise se ap pyar nahi karte

to kis tarha aap usay kahoge k me tmse pyar nahi karta aur uska dil bhi na tutay.
reply must
Eyes R Windows To The Soul,
Wat Do U C In My Eyes?

Or Innocence.?Reply Wid Honesty
Apki wife apni Rukhsati Sey 2 Ghantay Pehley Kya Mehsoos Karen gi?
Select A Number Then I''ll Tell U..
10. . . ;->
replY... =P
Answers :

1: Allah Jaldi Rukhsati Ho

2: Me to tang agae hun itna Bhari Lehenga

3: Kash me ami abu k sath rhti

4: Pta nai kia ho ga aj rat

5: Aj to meri kher nai

6: Me ne nai rona make up khrab hoga

7: Hansi a rhe hy

8: Allah kre movie achi aye

9: Akhir mere dil ki murad puri ho he gae

10: Rona a rha hy ;->
A - Roses
B - Tension
C - Understanding
D - Heart
E - Romance
F - Fight
G - Care
H - Money
I - Respect
J - Nothing
K - Freedom
L - Kids
M - Suche Mhbt
N - Satsfaction
O - Posesivens
P - Friendship
Q - Gifts
R - Chocolates
S - Lots of Love (Gud Luck)
T - Pain
U - Happiness
V - Rudeness
W - Kisses
X - Tears
Y - Attitude
Z - Forever Love
If Someone Purposes You..

And You Dont Love Him/Her,

Hw Wud You Deny Him/Her Without Breaking Heart??

Life ko kon zyda acha bna sakthi hai?

girlfriend ya wife..?

Answer: WIfe...!







Honi kisi or ki chahiye.>
It is a challenge for you,
Rewrite these words in a proper oder..
1/ Ctorpai (A Fruit)
2/ Suolt (A Flower)
3/ Jahatalm (Historical Place)
4/ Losot (Furniture item)
5/ Rceurym (An Element)
6/ pkpmiun (A Vegetable)
7/ Srriratbe (A Proffesion)

Take your time And Reply Must..
wo kon sa sentence hy jis main A to Z alphabates atay hai Reply on my Number if u r well mind girl or guy.
Wo Konsi 3 Cheezain Hain

Jinhain Hamesha Soch

Samjh Kr Uthana Chahiye

Reply Must.
Hey Today Is

"Kuch Toh Kaho" Day.

So Tell Me That U Wanted

To Tell Me But Did Not.
send dis msg 2 ur franz n gt funny reply

if im get in married 2mmorrow n today u get 2 walk 4 smtime wid my fiance,wht wud u lik 2 tel him abt me?reply