Le kr Ana Usy

Le kr Ana Usy
*Le kr Ana Usy Mere JanazY MeiN Ek Akhri HaseeN MuLaqat to ho gi..!
*Mere Jism Mein Jaan to Ni Hogi Magar Meri jaaN Mere Jism k PasS To ho Gi..!

?Ibrahim Mughal?

Feb, 27 2015     165 chars (2 sms)     1118 views       Love

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When Nite Turns To A Darken Hue

Da Luvly Stars r Hinting At U

Ur Heart Beats Tells U Something True

That SomeOne SomeWhere Is Missing U
Zindge youn the ke jenee ka bahana tu tha
Hum tu faqat zaib-e-hikayat the, afsana tu tha
Jese Jese chaha tere hijran main wo log
Atee jatee musam the zamana tu tha
Dost dost ke hatoon main kamanee theen farhan
Sabhi dekh ke such rahee the, nishana tu tha.
Keep Love In Ur Heart. A Life Widout It Is Like A Sunless Garden

When The Flowers Are Dead.

The Consciousness Of Loving & Being Loved

Brings A Warmth & Richness To Life That Nothing Else Can Bring
Multiply It by Infinity

Take It To The Depth

Of Forever


You Will Still Only Have

A Glimpse Of How Much

Things base and vile, holding no quantity,
Love can transpose to form and dignity.
Love looks not with the eye, but with the mind,
And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.

~ William Shakespeare ~
Love Never Dies A Natural Death.

It Dies Because We Don''t Know How To Replenish Its Source.

It Dies Of Blindness And Errors And Betrayals.

It Dies Of Illness And Wounds;

It Dies Of Weariness, Of Witherings, Of Tarnishings.
Beymaainay hotay hain woh lamhay jub tum paas nahi hotay
Lagtaa hai mujhay aisay ke zindagi tehr gayee ho jaisay
Aasman bhi beyrounuq sa lagtaa hai mujhay ke
Kisi nay chand taaron ki roshni chura lee ho jaisay
Kyun yaad tum itna aate ho…?
Kyun hum ko tum tarpaate ho…?
Gum sum gum sum hain aaj sahar se hum…
Kyun itna hamain sataate ho…?
Aadi hogaye hain us sitam ke hum…
Jo aadatan humpe dhaate ho.
Tumhain khayaalon se gar nikaal bhi dain…
To khwaabon main aa jaate ho.
Hum lab se nahin karte izhaar-e-mohabb at…
Tum aankhain hii nahin parh paate ho………..
Heart is like a bottle of perfume.
If u never open it nobody knows the fragrance inside it..
If u keep it always open
soon u will loose ur fragrance.
So act wisely.
True Love Never Dies,

Even If You Have Found A New Love,
The Sweet Memory Of The Past Will Continue

To Hunt You For The Rest Of Your Life.
A life filled with love must have some thorns,
but a life empty of love will never have roses.
You are amazingly amazing,
beautifully beautiful,
and heavenly heavensent
while being imperfectly perfect.
You are the one for me..!!