Good friends are like angels that lifts us up, when our wings have forgotten how to fly. Good friends are like angels that lifts us up, when our wings have forgotten how to fly.

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The imp. of a good friend in our lives is like the importance of our heartbeats..
though they r not visible, they silently support your life..
KeEping a FRIEND is As Difficult AS losing one.
U sacrifice A lot To keep them.
I may not have sacrificed enuf 4 u...
tbut in my HEART I swear I"m keeping U..
Friendship... you love shared forgiving understanding shared secrets heals many hurts not judgemental shared laughter slow and steady can be angry at times dependable and true more precious then silver or gold not perfect, much like we are not perfect

...does not hold drudges or demand perfection

...makes all the wrong things in life, right some how meant to be gulped like lemonade on a hot summer day always there, through tomes of trial,happy times and hard times

...just happens, but once discovered, needs to be tendeed like a beautiful garden

Keep me as a friend I will keep in my heart lock it up
& throw the key that no one take you away from me
Lips Dont Join When You Say
L O V E,

That Is a Sign Of Distance .

But When You Say

Lips Join,

That Is a Sign Of Togetherness.
What''s The Difference

Blood Etrz the Heart
& Flowz out


Friends Entr Ur Heart
& Stay 4ever
Make Life Worth
Living ... :)
Achevement in you life is not wheres in a year u make 1000 friends in a year,, but an achievement is what u be wid ur 1 best fren fo 1000 years..
We Cannot Get
Very Far A
If We Are Not
Prepared To Forgive
Each Other''s
Smaller Defects ... (:

Stay Blessed .. !!
Colors may fade, the sun may not shine, the moon may not be bright, heartbeats may stop, lives may pass but our friendship, I''ll treasure ''till the day my heart stops
Ye Dost b Ajeeb Hote Hyn
Dene Pe Aaye''n Tou
Jaan De Dain
Lene Pe Aayen Tou
Hansi Tak Cheen Lain
Kehne Pe Aayen Tou Dil K Tamam Khano K
Raaz Tak Keh Dain
Chupane Pe Aayen Tou Ye Tak na Batayen
K Khafa Kyun Hyn
Naraz Honay Pe Aayen Tou
Saans Tak na Lene Dain
Manane Pe Aaye''n Tou
Apni Saansain Waar Dain

"Dost" Zindagi main Nahi Mila Kerte
Zindagi "Doston" Main Milti Hy ... (:
Friends r like street lights along the road.
They don"t make the distance any shorter,
but they light up the path & make the walk worthwhile
For My Friends

You All r My
Strength, My Power,
My Belief, My
Imagination, My

Above all, You All r
The Back Bone Of My
Life & I m Proud That
You r A Part Of It ... :)