Good friends are like angels that lifts us up, when our wings have forgotten how to fly. Good friends are like angels that lifts us up, when our wings have forgotten how to fly.

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Jo hansa de...

jo rula de....

ek aarzoo
jo jaga de...

ek chahat
jo samja le...

har jo jaan le...
ka naam hai...

In my dreams, we were never apart.
in my dreams you kept me close.
in my dreams you loved me the most.
in my dreams we''re always togather,
might as well be dreaming forever
Count these stars


Lo aik sweet person hamari yaad mein taray gin raha hai....

"U"r the"BEST" heart surgoen in the"WORLD", bcoz "U "made a place in
my"HEART", without cutting n spoiling"BLOOD". I m lucky 2have a
"CUTE" friend like "U"!!!

Dost kabhi dost say khfa nahin hota dil mil ky kbhi joda nahin hota
maf kr dena hmari sb khtain keon ky insan akhr khuda nhin hota...
For me U r as... Chees 4 pizza..
passport 4 visa... butter 4 bread..
ice 4 freezer.. cream 4 cake...
water 4 lake.. leaf 4 tree..
a FRIEND like u is 4 ever.
The loveliest day comes when u wakeup each day & find out that luv still colours ur world through friends, who truly care & never fail to remember.
Dreams Are
Thoughts ...
You Don''t Have
Time To think
About During The Day
F for faithful
R for real
I for intelligent
E for earnest
N for noble
D for dear

just like u
Frndshp is:
Vast like UNIVERSE, High like SKY, Strng like IRON, Dip like OCEAN, Kind like MOTHER, Cute like HUM, Sweet like TUM, put 2gtha frndshp is HUMTUM
Na intzaar hai na ikraar hai, na aapse milne ko ab mera dil be-kraar hai,
phir bhi dil se na jaane kyon yeh aawaz aati hai, wo tumhi ho jinki aankon aur
baaton mei ek sachchi dosti ka khumar hai.
F. R . I . E . N . D . S

Are Like Walls

Sometimes You Lean On Them


Sometime Its Just Enough
To Know

"They Are There..." :->
Friendship Is a Language Spoken By Heart
Not Written On Paper
Not Given By Pledge
It’s a Promise Renewed Every Time We Contact
A Bond Of Luv,
Medal Of Trust,
Shouldr In Sadnes,
Hand In Darknes,
A Spl Relation 2hold,
A Ear Wer Secrts Can B Told
Is D Magic