The 1st Advice Of

The 1st Advice Of
The 1st Advice Of
Father To His Son
When Son Got His
Driving License Made,

"Remember 1 Thing Son
If U''re Going To Hit
Anything, Make Sure
Its Cheap" ;->

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Astronomers Say
"The Universe Is
Which Is A Comforting
For Those People ,
Who Cannot Remember
Where They Leave
Things ... ;->
The Difference B/W Friend N Best Friend..

Friend Says: Hey Plz Drive Safely N Slowly..

B.Friend Says: Abay Bhaga Yr Us Agay Wali
Car Me Full Bachiyan Hain ;->
Height Of Smartness

Professor : Only Wise Men Hesitate. . . Fools Are Always Confident. . . ! !

Student: Are U Sure Sir. . . ?? ;->
Garibon k lye"paktl"

Knjuson k lye "Telenor"

Buzrgon or bachon k
lye "Jazz"

Lafngon k lye "ufone"

people use krte hn
Don''t Love Reliance Girl

She Is A 2yrs Warrenty Girl

Don''t Love Hutch Girl

She Follows U Where Ever You Go

So Love Only Landline Girl

She Will Be At Home.
Which part of the body is most sensitive while watching adult movies?
Guess? Ha ha, U R wrong. It''s ur ears to make sure k KOI AA TU NAHI RAHA.
Malak : Kyun Khan Tme 15
Din Ki Chuti Kyun Chahye?

Pathan : Sir Hamara Czn Ki Shadi Hai

Malak : Czn Ki Shadi Aur 15 Din Chutti Wo Kyun?

Pathan : Wo Hamara Czn Chahti

Hai K Hm Us Ki Shadi

Me Dulhaa Bn K Aaaon
Judge - Sach Sach
BtaoTum Ne Apni Biwi
Per Kis Waja Se Haath
Uthaya Tha

Mulzim - 3 Baato''n Ki
Waja Se
1. Us ki Kamar Meri
Taraf Thi
2. Us k Haath Me Belan
Nhi Tha
3. Aur Sab Se Bari
Waja, Mere Bhaagne k
Liye Darwaza Khula
Tha ... ;->
Hamari life us waqt
complete hoti hai,

jab ap ho or mai ho,

or humary,

Choty choty

pyary pyara

sweet sweet

cute cute

nanny munny

shararti shararti

Pathan Saw A Very High Mobile Tower
Red Light Glowing On The Top , Seeing This
He Said : We Are Developing So Fast
We Have Trafic Signals For Aeroplanes In The Air Also ;->

Girls are like Internet domain names..

the ones I like are already taken!








Coming Soon

The Bigest Lover Of 2009

Sheery Zardari ;->