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The perfect guy is not the one who has the most money or the most handsome you will meet. He is the one who knows how to make you smile and will takecare of you each and every day until the end of time.
True love is worth waiting for even if it takes a life time. then in return a life time of love will be waiting for you.
neend se kiya shikwa karun main....! sagar

qasoor to us chehray ka hai jo mujhe sonay nahi deta....
Barsoon Baad Mile Woh Tu Galay Se Lipat Kar Ro Diye
Janty Ho dosto isi Ne Kaha Tha, K Tum Jese Bahot Milain Gay
Anmol Ankhon Mein Jo Tahreerain thi

Honton Pe Wo Bol Na Thay

Hum Thay Uss K Payar K Aashiq

Bas Hathon Mein Kashkol Na Thay

Hum Ne Usko Toot K Chaha

Ye Uss Ka Haq Tha


Wo B Hum Ko Toot K Chahe

Hum Itne Anmol Na Thay...!

Sometimes Love is for a Moment ;
Sometimes Love is for Lifetime;
Sometimes a Moment with the One You Love, Enough to spend Your
A boy proposed a girl, But the girl rejected
Boy was not Sad
Friends asked him: Why are You not Sad?
Boy: I am not sad because I lost one who never loved me but she lost the one who always loved him
If Love is Water
I will give you rivers and oceans
If Love is Space
I will give you the whole Universe
If heat is your Love
I wish the Sun beside me
last night while lying on my bed
Looking at the ceiling
I realized I realized
If you would not be there, I would lost all the joys of my life"
1. Lovely 5 Words
"I am alone without you"
2. Decent 4 Words
" I care for you"
3. Loveable 3 Words
"I love you"
4. Special 2 Words
"Miss you"
5. Important 1 Word
Unke Ikrar Ka Intezar Hai Mujhe,
Jane Q Unse Pyaar Hai Mujhe,
Ae Khuda Kab Ayega Wo Hassen PaL,
Jab Wo Kahenge Aapse Pyaar Hai
Rose Is Famous For Grace.
Advocate Is Famous For His Case.
Horses r Famous For Race.
But u Are Famous For Smile On Your
So keep smiling sweetheart........